Sterling as you’ve seen and been here running a company of this magnitude is not easy at all and incredibly stressful. Before we started this website. You wouldn’t believe how much it bothered me when people said we didn’t have a website. The amount of time we were without a website. Even when I’m off work I think about the website. So this website has to be perfect it means a lot to me. And also this website will help all of my company and make our jobs easier. That is the most important. I’m just so glad I found you Sterling. You have been not just a good person to do my website. But I appreciate you just being a genuine good guy and you really being all hands on deck and getting to know me and helping my company make this the best fucking website in the world. I know we both want this to just get done but its really gotta be perfect. The amount of products we show, how they look. What we say about who we are. The little details. Everything gotta be perfect in my standards. We’ve made so much progress so far everyone loves how it’s coming out. But let’s one up them and the rest of the world! Big D style or not style at all!

Andrew/CEO & COO