dianna williams design

dianna williams design 1500 812 THE WORDPRESS NINJA

The WordPress Ninja created a beautiful website for my interior design business.  The home page in particular is  absolutely stunning, and I’ve received countless compliments on the style and feel of it.  Thank you so much, Sterling, for your hard work and vision.  I’m delighted with the results!” -Dianna

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YOU’RE THE F’N MAN! -Mario Barberio  

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Feeling Blocks

Feeling Blocks 1512 819 THE WORDPRESS NINJA

‘The WordPress Ninja’ Sterling Williams is a creative force of nature!  His mind and abilities surpass any creative genius I have met.  No matter what project I am considering, he always offers fresh, cutting edge, brilliant ideas and implementation.  Without him, what I envision in my mind, would never see the light of day!  He…

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Jesse Brewster

Jesse Brewster 1500 812 THE WORDPRESS NINJA

There are many great technical wizards out there when it comes to the nuts and bolts of web design.  The difference with The WordPress Ninja is Sterling’s way of understanding the true essence of what the client is about, and making that an integral part of the look and feel.  When visitors see your site for…

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Rich Talarico

Rich Talarico 1000 1000 THE WORDPRESS NINJA

Sterling Williams far exceeded my expectations and I would love to hire him again and very happy to recommend him.  Thanks again!” -Rich Talarico

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Man, I’ve been getting so many compliments on my new website,  you sir are incredible!  You went far above and beyond what I’d imagined and just thank you so much for everything.” -RSC

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Adam Piandes

Adam Piandes 498 442 THE WORDPRESS NINJA

Working with Sterling has been an absolute pleasure on so many levels. He’s professional, organized, prompt, and passionate and cares deeply about producing top-notch work. His enthusiasm for design and development is contagious and confidence kept me at ease throughout the entire project. He is also quite skilled and brings a wealth of knowledge and…

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Lisa Wentz

Lisa Wentz 1415 788 THE WORDPRESS NINJA

Excellent! I searched for the right designer/builder for a year. Sterling is one of a kind. He was fast, patient, enthusiastic…an absolute pleasure to work with. This is my fourth website (first time working with Sterling) and the first time I did not have to worry about anything. I cannot recommend him enough!!!” -Lisa Wentz…

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Betty Cazares

Betty Cazares 515 474 THE WORDPRESS NINJA

The WordPress Ninja made my Year!” Betty Cazares/Actress, Model

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Visionary Genius

Visionary Genius 1430 769 THE WORDPRESS NINJA

The WordPress Ninja was awesome to work with! He took the exact ideas and vision described to him and turned them into the sleek design that had been envisioned.  He works really fast under tight deadlines, is honest, responds quickly to changes, and is a consummate professional. I would highly recommend him!” -Galina

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