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Busy Bee Catering

Busy Bee Catering 260 314 THE WORDPRESS NINJA

My experience with all things internet, website and computers in general is pathetic on a good day. My cry out to Sterling was one of stress and confusion. Customers were calling that my site wasn’t working and strange messages were appearing. I was getting the run around from my hosting company when I went looking…

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YOU’RE THE F’N MAN! -Mario Barberio  

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Erica Rose

Erica Rose 800 783 THE WORDPRESS NINJA

I love my new site! It’s Perfect!! Erica Rose from ‘The Bachelor’

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Rich Talarico

Rich Talarico 1000 1000 THE WORDPRESS NINJA

Sterling Williams far exceeded my expectations and I would love to hire him again and very happy to recommend him.  Thanks again!” -Rich Talarico

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Betty Cazares

Betty Cazares 515 474 THE WORDPRESS NINJA

The WordPress Ninja made my Year!” Betty Cazares/Actress, Model

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