Already have a WordPress based Site But Just Needs 2017 Styling?

Already have a WordPress based Site But Just Needs 2017 Styling?

Already have a WordPress based Site But Just Needs 2017 Styling? 1500 768 THE WORDPRESS NINJA

“It’s a beautiful thing when a new client already has a WordPress based website but just wants to update the look, style, and overall feel of it.” 

-Sterling Williams | aka The WordPress Ninja

When a new client has a site that was built on a WordPress foundation, most of the the work is already done.

The pages are built, all of the content is in the site’s media library, and the majority of the content is already in place. That’s when The WordPress Ninja just comes in with a top notch new WP theme, activates and goes through configuring the settings and flavor and elements of each page and section. This is where the combination of extensive WordPress + Visual Design experience hits a home run for you.


Most of the work has already been done; the pages and posts have already been created, the images and text and overall content are all in the backend media library, and The WordPress Ninja just needs to bring in a new top notch favorite WP theme, and dial in the settings and make any and all adjustments to each page and the elements throughout.  A few plugins for some extra preferred touches may need to be installed as well, but that’s minor as far as time involved.

Designing Mobile Friendly Sites Since 2011


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Last year Google cracked the whip on websites by announcing they would knock down the page visibility and SEO of sites that weren’t mobile friendly. It was a good thing though as they are just trying to make the web less ‘work’ for visitors going to sites and having to pinch and zoom and swipe to view a pages content.  Also they want sites more up to date for security reasons, just doing what they can to made the web safer and more enjoyable for the ever increasing percentage of mobile viewers. With that, in 2017 there is a higher percentage of responsive sites (‘site contact adapts to different screen sizes and devices’) but most don’t have any ‘life’ or much engaging via parallax and on scroll animations. THAT is where we come in!

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“In most cases depending on how many clients we currently have, your new World View will be redesigned with an amazing new modern style and flavor and Live the same week!”

Just click the button below to get a free online quote and let’s join forces to serve up a beautiful, mobile friendly, stylish site that you’ll even be able to update and edit yourself after it goes live. We only work with the world’s best WordPress themes and plugins for One and All #winWIN

‘Styling You For World View™’


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